Genetic Testing 101

What is Genetic (DNA) Testing?

Genetic or DNA testing is designed to identify an individual's genetic code or make-up.  This information can be used for a variety of purposes, with determination of bloodlines, ancestry and paternity being the most familiar examples.   In recent years, genetic testing has been increasingly used to determine one's vulnerability to inherited as well as chronic disease and the way different foods and medications will work and affect us.  This allows physicians to determine which medications and dosage are likely to work best for us and avoid those that may results in adverse effects, eliminating the traditional  "trial and error" approach so commonplace today.   It also allows dieticians to custom design diet and exercise plans that are tailored to each individual to deliver maximum results.

How Does Genetic (DNA) Testing Work?

Genetic testing is a fairly simple, easy and pain free procedure that involves taking a sample of a person's cells by either a blood test or saliva sample.  Scientists working in certified and licensed testing laboratories will use sample to identify your unique genetic profile which is the information that  determines all of your physical characteristics,from your hair color and height to the probability of developing certain conditions and how your body will process and react to foods and medications.   You, and if you so desire, your physician, will in turn receive a detailed written genetic profile report with additional information and guidance specific to the type of test selected, such as My RxMeds or My RxDiet. 

How Do I Use an In-Home testing Kit?

After ordering your test, you will receive a home DNA testing kit, which includes everything you need to collect and return your DNA sample to us, including detailed instructions, the cheek swabs used to collect the DNA sample from the inside of your cheek, a pre-addressed sterile envelope for the return of your sample.  Typically, it will take just a few weeks to get the results, but the timeframe can vary from between 3 to 6 weeks for the time you return the sample to the delivery of your individualized genetic profile report.

Who can I contact for more information about genetic testing or the status of my order/test?

There are many sources of readily available information about genetic testing via the Internet.  These include authoritative scientific reports from highly respected healthcare and academic institutions as well as a variety of sources for consumers.  RxPredict has selected a number of these sources which can be accessed by clicking here.  Please note that inclusion of links to these select sources do not represent an endorsement from RxPredict but are simply provided as a service to our customers to provide access to more information about genetics testing.   We are not medical professionals and you should contact your physician or other medical professionals for medical advice about genetic testing and its advantages and potential disadvantages.

For questions about your account, the status of your test and/or your test results, email us at and we will answer you within no more than 24 hours.