Our mission is to transform your health. Your DNA has its own unique blueprint for wellbeing. We decode it for you using verified recommendations backed by science so that you can transform your health with unstoppable confidence.

1. We're committed to changing your lifestyle habits.

We're not here to generate a report and leave it at your door. We're here to help you take action on the insights gained in your report. That's why we're committed to generating fresh + healthy meal plans, offering doorstep delivery, and giving you custom fitness plans that work best for your body type.


2. We believe true health is personalized.

We don't believe in generalizations when it comes to health recommendations. We are a data driven company that provides you with precise information about how to achieve optimal health based on your genetics. You can elevate your behavior with simple easy choices—ultimately turning the good genes on and the bad genes off. Yes, we really mean it!


3. We can use 23&Me, AncestryDNA or MyHeritage data. 

If you have already purchased a DNA test through 23&Me, Ancestry or MyHeritage, you have the added advantage of receiving a large discount on your MyRxGenes test and you will not need to submit another sample.

During registration you will have the opportunity to upload your 23&Me Health, MyHeritage & Ancestry or AncestryDNA raw genetic data. We will generate your customized report from your existing data along with lifestyle modification recommendations provided via your personalized customer portal with health content designed specifically for your unique genotype. Since we don’t need to obtain another DNA specimen from you, the turnaround time will be a few days rather than 2-3 weeks.

Please note you must have purchased the full Health + Ancestry genetics panel from 23andme for us to have the complete panel to generate a report from.


4. Our mission is to transform healthcare from within—we want you to know yourself better.


This program is powered by RxPredict, a top 25 Healthcare AI company dedicated to transforming personal health.


RxPredict specializes in the use of Genetic Testing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to provide Individualized Precision Diet and Exercise Plans for Personalized Weight Loss, Athletic Performance and Healthy Aging.

RxPredict, has been recognized for its innovative solutions, including being named as 1 of the top 25 Healthcare AI companies by Health Data Management in 2017, and 1 of 106 Start Ups Transforming Healthcare in the Risk Analytics, Medication, Nutrition and Lifestyle category by CBInsights. In 2019, RxPredict was named as one of the best Consumer Health Informatics (CHI) Platforms for Precision Wellness.

RxPredict's innovations span across various areas that address the underlying root causes that impact patient Health and Wellness outcomes, including Behavioral & Bio Science, Genetics, Disease Conditions & Progression, Medication Effectiveness & Adherence and Patient Behavior Modification.

Our collaborative mission is to transform healthcare from within—we want you to get to know yourself better so you can start taking empowered action to creating lasting health.


5. We protect your DNA.

We don't sell your data, and we destroy your DNA swabs after your report has been generated. We're transparent about your health and we go the extra mile to ensure our labs are trustworthy, safe, and reliable.