How It Works


Step 1: Pick Your Report

You have four options: The Diet + Fitness Report, The Athletic Performance Report, The Anti-Aging Report, and The Know It All Report (includes all three reports bundled into one).




Step 2: Register Your Kit + Send It to the Lab

Once you receive your kit, register it in our secure database before sending your kit to the lab. 



Step 3: Access Your Results in 3-4 Weeks

Your results are typically ready in 3-4 weeks. You can log into your account to securely access your test results and put them to use with ease.


Step 4: Activate Your Meal Plans for Grocery Delivery

We generate genetically matched recipes with ingredients delivered straight to your door. Recipes update weekly, so you'll never get bored. You can access this tool inside our secure portal.


Step 5: Get in the Rhythm!

Now that you've identified what your body needs to operate optimally—it's time to put that into action.

We recommend taking our genetic tests with a friend or family member and commit to transforming your health together. Support and accountability help people stick to their resolutions 2-6x longer than if they try to go it alone.