FOOD AS MEDICINE: Personalized Nutrition

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RxPREVENT for Whole Health Transformation!

FSA/HSA/Lifestyle Spending Accounts

We accept FSA, HSA and Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs).  Please consult your Benefits Administrator to see if and how much of the 'Health Service' cost of the RxPREVENT Program for Weight Loss & Whole Health is eligible as medical care covered by your FSA/HSA and/or Lifestyle Spending Accounts.

Services Provided

We analyze your genes and pull the best science-backed diet and exercise recommendations that match your DNA, so that you have a personalized action plan to reach all of your wellness goals. This program includes: 

DNA Test: One time test to sync your program to identify how your genetic makeup impacts your metabolism and weight loss ability.

DNA Matched 7-Day Diet & Exercise Plans: You’ll receive information about how your body works in five key areas that impact your weight and overall wellness. This includes how efficiently your body utilizes carbs, fats and proteins and ability to effectively process and utilize vitamins and minerals along with risk of Food sensitivities including your likely intolerance to gluten, lactose, and addictive eating behaviors. The report also includes your recommended DNA matched 7-day diet & fitness plans. 

MyRxDiet App: Log your meals, plan your recipes, communicate with your coach about making dietary adjustments for Optimal Weight Loss, and book your next coaching sessions. Available for download in the app store.

Personal Coaching: 4-Month, 6-Month, or 12-Month Plans

Smart Body Composition Scale: Connects to WiFi and Bluetooth to track 13 different body compositions measures including body fat, muscle & bone mass, visceral fat, body water etc.  Does not apply for Bronze plan, unless a special promotion is running.

Gut Microbiome Testing: Stool test to determine the current state of your gut microbiome imbalances to help improve gut health, and weight loss ability. 

Personalized Prebiotics: 14-Day supply of personally matched prebiotics to balance your microbiome!  Applies to Gold Package only. 

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